The latest game to turn up on the Board Game Truce this year was Small World. It’s a game that Amy and I have played once or twice before but it’s not something we’ve regularly gone back to.

Last night as we got through an initial “rules refresher” game, then another “proper” game, we wondered why we hadn’t picked it up as often as we both really enjoyed it.

For two players you start with a smaller world map (up to five players can be accommodated on a much larger map than the picture below); the aim of the game is to get to the victory point total first. Victory points are gained through conquering areas of the map, for which the player gains one victory point at the end of each round.

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So, another year is upon us and with the bells of Big Ben still ringing in our ears it’s time to begin the big Board Game Truce of 2015.

For those of you who are new to the blog, or to the idea of a Board Game Truce it is quite simply a single rule that Amy and I have to live by and that rule is:

We shall not purchase any more board games until we have played all the board games we own at least once.

It’s quite a simple rule really. What it does mean is that the game playing becomes competitive with a running total of who’s won the most games, and for games such as Castle Panic or Pandemic, did we beat the game.

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Wow, that was some year. 2014 will go down as the year I married the amazing Amy Kimber and had the most amazing party afterwards –  as well as the year I left my good friends at The Site Doctor in Herefordshire to take on a new challenge at Stericycle ExpertSolutions in Berkshire. (Still miss you guys!)


It will also go down as the year I managed to convince the company to spend over $10,000 USD on Pluralsight licenses for the team – a remarkable Christmas present for them all and a huge sign of continuing investment, as well as the year I was off to Copenhagen for one of the weirdest conference parties ever. Singing YMCA to about 300 drunk developers was definitely a highlight.

The end of the year also means that an annual tradition has come round again… Board Game Truce 2015 starts from the 1st of January. For a few months those fantastic guys and gals at Eclectic Games in Reading will not see either Amy or I – it’s like going cold turkey. I shall upload the list shortly, but be warned, it’s grown. We’re up to 82 games and there’s still Christmas to get through!

This is it. The final list. (Apart from when we realised we missed one.) This is the Board Game Truce 2014 list. Over the next few months we’ll battle it out over 60 games to see who can win the most and choose the very first board game purchase of 2014.

We’ve listed everything here, even those games we’re not overly proud of owning – but rules are rules and play them all we must. So here goes, we’re going to go easy at the start – it looks like we’re starting with a few games of Fluxx.

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At about this time last year Amy and I realised we had quite a few board games between us. Our love for a good board game had created an insatiable appetite for more and we needed some way to make sure we carried on playing the games we’d bought before the most recent purchases. We therefore created the “January Truce”. From the 1st of January 2013 we agreed we would not buy another board game that year until we had played all the board games we owned. We also agreed to keep score and the winner could choose the first game we bought.

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